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The assets and all intellectual property of Parco Merged Media Corp. were recently sold to Affiliated Commercial Services Incorporated.

The intellectual property acquired dates back to 2000 when the ideas were originally conceived as part of Parco Merged Media LLC (a California company.) The business plan and intellectual property were conveyed to Parco Merged Media Corporation in April 2001.

The original concept of Parco Merged Media (also called Parco Wireless) was to standardize location information and to create a standard interface to many types of real time location systems. The inspiration for the software architecture originated in video game roots combined with a high frequency stock arbitraging system. The determination to approach radio based real time location and tracking as a three dimensional database was unique at the time; other competition took the approach of choke-point technology (e.g. tag arrives at point A, tag arrives at point B) and the mapping methodologies were flat, non-hierarchical. The developers approach of a real world location with real world mapping made the tie between the virtual data and the real world. The company built several version of software beginning in April 2001. During the development of the original software, it became apparent that it would become cost prohibitive to build custom software for each new installation. As a result of this insight, the company began developing a software developers kit to aid in rapid product development for new system installations. Around 2002, after the Federal Communications Commission approved ultra-wideband for unlicensed commercial usage, Parco began marketing it's software/intellectual property along with a first to market ultra-wideband location system from Multispectral Solutions Inc. (now owned by Zebra.)

Many of the Parco Merged Media Corp. designs released via the web in 2002 are referenced in several patents as prior artwork. In 2003, Parco Merged Media was awarded Best New Technology by MESDA.

Prior to all of these accolades, in 2001, Parco Merged Media was the first to conceptualize and develop a "trigger" for creating location based events(sm). The idea to create a trigger was formulated following a fatal injury inflicted upon a child in a MRI chamber caused by the magnetic forces attracting a metal cylinder. The company developed two types of triggers: fixed and portable; in addition to the triggers the company also built a database of "zones" which represented fixed geospatial areas such as (but not limited to) buildings, floors, wings and rooms which could be layered heirarchically. The trigger events have higher priority and can be used in real time to create location based events(sm) to drive processes such as turning off a MRI machine, automatically closing doors or sounding alarms. The triggers are designed to be independent of the zones database (although an authorized developer could develop a disk based triggers database.)

The zones database became important after September 11, 2001 because it could contain specific building information for emergency responders following a mass casualty event. The zones database is designed to be used as a freestanding system and in conjuction with a real time location system.The zones database also included images (including maps) of the areas represented by the points in database. In some instances these images are floor images and in others they are maps of cities. In July 2002, Senators John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) and Christopher Bond (R-Missouri) invited the company to the first Small Business Homeland Security Expo to demonstrate this unique software. Since these humble beginnings, developers have built many types of interfaces to the system using the zones database's maps as the image resource.

The US Government was the earliest user of Parco Merged Media's intellectual property through a Federaly funded grant at the Washington Hospital Center (Washington, DC) via the Federal Emergency Management Agency (formerly FEMA, now the Department of Homeland Security.) The requirements of the program drove Parco Merged Media to develop a scalable system both in terms of the design architecture and the data handling capabilities. All of the software components can be run on a single machine or they can be scaled to run across multiple machines at multiple sites; and the systems can be implemented in redundant/fault tolerant configuration. Because of the scalability of the system and the manner in which network data was implemented the system is capable of handling millions of transactions simultaneously when configured as such. For example at one client site the system processed more than 20,000 tag location messages per second or 630,720,000,000 per year; at another site the system in a simulated enviroment was able to process more than 1,000,000 tag location messages per second.

The Parco Merged Media software also contains a software developers kit (SDK.) This toolkit enables the easy integration of the real time location data, the triggers, and zones into existing application. Many companies have developed against this SDK to demonstrate the strength of their software and capabilities including Nortel, Microsoft and Cisco (HIMSS 2005 Demonstration by John Chambers). The zones and triggers are not limited to input solely from Parco Wireless SDK; a programmer can input data into the system's databasefrom other developer application programmer interfaces (API) including Google Maps(tm)(c) and then use the Parco Wireless toolkit to drive location based events(sm) from GPS data available from many third party providers. Tools such as Google Maps can be used to display data from the Parco Wireless zones/trigger database including tags and points.

In 2007 the company submitted several provisional patent applications to the USPTO referencing the copyrighted materials created/generated/deployed since 2000. Around mid-2008 the software revisions had reached a fourth generation of software. At this point, the company was forced into an involuntary dissolution. Following this event the Parco Merged Media software, all of its assets and intellectual property were sold to Affiliated Commercial Services Inc. (ACSI.)

ACSI is now supporting the Parco Merged Media software packages. The systems are living in the cloud and several customers are using its strengths to build systems used for asset management, personnel management, and intelligent transportation systems. ACSI has a mature, 4th generation system which is field tested and very capable. Please contact us to discuss partnering on potential projects.






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